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Dongguan Junye Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Ltd. was established in 2009. The first phase of the company was mainly trading TPU material (sheet and laminated cloth); after 15 years of development, it has grown into a manufacturing factory with certain scale and strength engaged in the research, development, production and sales of TPU inflatable products; currently, the film sheet, laminated cloth and accessories have achieved self-sufficiency.

The company has 7,000 square meters of garden-style factory (will be expanded to 10,000 square meters by the end of 2023), more than a hundred sets of production equipment. The company is equipped with mature high-frequency production lines, vacuum blister production lines, and sewing production lines. Our main products include anti-decubitus cushions/mattresses, blood pressure cuffs, water circulation cooling blanket caps, airwave leg covers, pneumatic blood flow restriction belts, bio-pressure feedback devices, extraction bags, infusion pressure bags, tourniquets, foot care insoles, etc. The company obtained the Class I medical device record for anti-decubitus cushions and blood pressure cuffs at the end of 2020, and passed the 13485:2016 system certification in August of the following year.

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