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Usage and characteristics of tpu materials

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tpu (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer material with excellent elasticity and wear resistance. Its uses and characteristics are as follows:


Shoe material: TPU is the ideal material for soles and uppers because it has excellent wear resistance, tear resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance;

Clothing: TPU can be used to produce clothing such as waterproof and windbreaker, sportswear and athletic shoes because it can provide excellent water resistance and air permeability;

Packaging: Tpus can be used to produce a variety of packaging materials, such as air cushion bags, packaging strips and films, because they provide excellent scratch, wear and tear resistance.

Automotive parts: Tpus can be used to produce components such as Car seats, steering wheels, gear levers, floor MATS and door MATS, as it provides excellent wear, scratch, corrosion and high temperature resistance.


Good elasticity: TPU has excellent elasticity and resilience;

Good wear resistance: TPU has excellent wear resistance and tear resistance, can resist pressure and friction;

Good chemical resistance: TPU can withstand the erosion of chemical substances, such as oil, acid, alkali, etc.

Good high temperature resistance: TPU can maintain elasticity and stability in high temperature environment;

Good plasticity: TPU can be processed into a variety of shapes and sizes of products, such as film, plate, pipe and parts;

Good environmental protection: TPU is a recyclable material, which can reduce the production of waste.

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