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Anti-fall weapon for the elderly: How the airbag vest works

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The elderly anti-fall Airbag vest is a new type of protective gear that can effectively reduce the risk of injury to the elderly during falls. The principle is based on airbag technology, which acts as a cushion and protection when an elderly person falls through a built-in airbag that automatically inflates.

The design of the vest is very clever, mainly consists of three parts: air bag, sensor and controller. Sensors can sense when an elderly person falls and transmit the signal to a controller, which then transmits the gas through a pipe to the air bag. When an elderly person falls, the vest quickly inflates, creating a protective layer that protects the body from the impact of the fall.

Anti-fall weapon for the elderly: How the airbag vest works(图1)

The principle of anti-fall air bag vest for the elderly is based on air bag technology and has the following advantages:

1, buffer effect: the air bag can be quickly inflated when the elderly fall, play a buffer role, reduce the impact of the elderly body, so as to avoid serious injury.

2, automatic induction: the built-in sensor of the air bag vest can automatically sense the signal of the fall of the old man, so that the air bag can be inflated in the shortest time, to protect the old man's body.

3, comfort: air bag vest is made of light and soft material, comfortable to wear, the elderly can wear for a long time.

4. Safety: The air bag vest adopts reliable controller and valve, which can ensure that the air bag is quickly inflated when needed to avoid secondary injury to the elderly.

In short, the elderly anti-fall air bag vest is an effective protective tool, can play a buffer and protection role in the elderly fall. Although the airbag technology has been applied in the field of protective gear for many years, the introduction of the elderly anti-fall airbag vest is of great significance to the prevention and protection of the elderly fall.

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