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Comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages of TPU and PVC

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tpu (ThermoplasticPolyurethane) and PVC (Polyvinylchloride) is a common plastic materials, are widely used in various industries. They have different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, the following will be different and comparative analysis of them.

Differences between TPU and PVC:

1, material composition: TPU is a polymer composed of polyurethane groups and linear molecules, PVC is a polymer composed of vinyl chloride groups and linear molecules.

2, physical properties: TPU is more flexible than PVC, wear resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and toughness, but also easier to process and shape. PVC is harder, but not as tough as TPU.

3, environmental protection: TPU material is relatively environmental protection, does not contain halogen and other harmful substances, and easy to recycle and reuse, and PVC material in the production and use process will release some harmful substances, such as hydrogen chloride, dichloromethane and so on.

Comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages of TPU and PVC(图1)

Pros and cons:

1, durability: TPU has better wear resistance, oil resistance and cold resistance, can be used in extreme environments, and PVC wear resistance and cold resistance is poor, and easy to aging and deformation.

2, processing and forming: TPU is easier than PVC processing and forming, not easy to produce burr and size deviation, but also easier to print and spray. PVC, on the other hand, is more difficult to process, requiring higher temperature and pressure to form, and is not suitable for printing and spraying.

3, Environmental protection: TPU is relatively environmental protection, easy to recycle and reuse, in line with the environmental requirements of today's society. PVC in the process of production and use will release harmful substances, do not meet the requirements of environmental protection.

4, cost: the cost of TPU is higher than PVC, but its durability and environmental protection is better, can bring more long-term benefits for users.

To sum up, compared with PVC, TPU has better durability, processability and environmental protection, but the cost is higher. In specific application scenarios, you need to consider which materials to choose according to the actual demand and budget.

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