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Common problems during the production of tpu films

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During the production of tpu film Airbags, common problems may include:

Deformation of film materials: in the manufacturing process, the film may appear deformation or shrinkage phenomenon, which may be because of the material manufacturing or processing process problems, the production process needs to be optimized and adjusted.

Film material air tightness: the air bag needs to have a certain air tightness, in order to ensure its normal use effect. In the production process, there may be gas leakage or leakage phenomenon, it is necessary to optimize and improve the production process and materials.

Common problems during the production of tpu films(图1)

Uneven thickness of film materials: Uneven thickness of film materials may lead to quality problems during use. Therefore, in the production process, it is necessary to carry out strict testing and quality control of materials to ensure that they meet the expected performance requirements.

Structural properties of membrane materials: TPU membrane airbags need to have a certain strength and toughness in order to protect equipment and items. In the production process, the structural properties of materials need to be optimized and improved to improve their quality and performance.

Environmental protection of production process: The production of TPU film airbags requires certain chemicals and processes, so environmental protection issues should be considered to avoid environmental pollution. In the production process, the need to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, take environmental protection measures to protect the environment.

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