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TPU modification technology and application

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tpu is a polyurethane elastomer with high elasticity, high toughness, high wear resistance, cold resistance and high temperature resistance. It is widely used in shoe materials, packaging, auto parts, electronic components and other fields. However, traditional tpu materials still have some shortcomings in some special applications, such as limited cold resistance, poor oil resistance, lack of transparency, etc.

In order to solve these problems, people began to modify TPU to improve its performance and meet the needs of different fields. The modification methods of TPU mainly include doping modification, crosslinking modification and blending modification.

Doping modification is to improve the performance of TPU by doping some other substances, such as plasticizers, hardness regulators, antioxidants, etc. For example, adding cold resistant agent can improve the low temperature bending property of TPU, and adding silicone oil can improve the wear resistance of TPU.

Crosslinking modification is done by introducing crosslinking structures into Tpus to enhance their strength, rigidity, heat resistance and aging resistance. Currently commonly used crosslinking methods include thermal crosslinking, radiation crosslinking, chemical crosslinking and so on.

Blending modification is the blending of Tpus with other polymers or non-polymers to achieve better performance. For example, blending TPU with PET can improve its transparency and water resistance, and blending TPU with PVC can improve its oil resistance and heat resistance.

In general, TPU modification technology is a very important technology, which can make TPU better play its excellent performance and function in various fields and promote the development of related industries.

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