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What are the characteristics of cellulose acetate film electrophoresis?

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electrophoresis of Acetate cellulose film is a method of electrophoresis separation. It uses acetate cellulose film as electrophoresis carrier and has the following features:

High resolution: Cellulose acetate films have smaller pore sizes and lower electrophoretic flow resistance, enabling them to better separate a variety of biological macromolecules with different sizes and charges, such as proteins, nucleic acids, etc.

High transparency: Due to the high transparency of cellulose acetate film, it is possible to observe the moveMent of the sample through its surface during electrophoresis, as well as detect and analyze the separated target.

Simple operation: cellulose acetate film electrophoresis requires no preparation of gel or other electrophoretic carrier, easy to operate, fast, can simultaneously analyze multiple samples.

Good repeatability: Cellulose acetate film electrophoresis has good repeatability, which makes it a reliable analytical method for a variety of laboratory applications and biological analyses.

In conclusion, cellulose acetate film electrophoresis is an effective method for the separation and analysis of biological macromolecules. It has the characteristics of high resolution, high transparency, simple operation and good repeatability, and is widely used in the fields of biology, biomedicine, biochemistry and so on. It is of great significance for the study of the structure and function of biological macromolecules.

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