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Polyether type and polyester type foam cotton difference

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Polyether foam and polyester foam are two different types of foam materials, they have some differences in chemical composition, properties and applications.

1. Chemical composition: polyether foam foam is mainly composed of polyether polyols and isocyanate (such as polyurethane), and polyester foam foam is mainly composed of polyester polyols and isocyanate. The basic chemical composition of the two is different, so their chemical properties and properties are also different.

2, physical properties: polyether foam foam usually has good elasticity and wear resistance, with higher load bearing capacity and durability. Polyester foam foam is usually soft, low load bearing capacity, but has better hygroscopic performance.

3. Thermal performance: polyether foam foam usually has good stability at high temperature and can maintain good performance at higher temperature environMent. And polyester foam foam at high temperature may soften or melt, performance decline.

4, application field: Due to its different performance characteristics, polyether type and polyester type foam foam in the application field there are certain differences. Polyether foam foam is usually widely used in automotive, aerospace, furniture, sports equipment and other fields, which have higher requirements for elasticity and durability of the occasion is more common. And polyester foam is usually used in daily necessities, clothing, bedding and other fields, on the softness and moisture absorption of higher requirements of the occasion is more common.

It should be noted that different manufacturers of polyether and polyester foam foam may have different properties and characteristics, the specific application should be based on the actual needs to choose the appropriate material.

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