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Junye Plastics presented its latest products at the 104th China Labor Protection Products Fair

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The 104th China Labor Protection Products Fair, an important exhibition in the field of labor protection products in China, will be held at a designated time and place. As a grand event of China's labor protection products industry, this exhibition will attract many well-known domestic and foreign labor protection products enterprises, professional buyers and exhibitors to participate.

The exhibition will gather labor protection products companies from all over the world, covering head, face, Eyes, respiratory tract, ears, hands, feet and other fields of protection products. Exhibitors will showcase the latest labor protection products technology, products and solutions, including protective helmets, face masks, respiratory protectors, earplugs, non-slip shoes, etc.

The exhibition will provide a broad business cooperation platform for exhibitors and professional buyers, promote cooperation and exchanges between enterprises in the industry, and promote technological innovation and market development in the labor protection products industry.

A series of high-level forums, seminars and technical exchange activities will also be held during the exhibition, inviting industry experts and enterprise representatives to have in-depth discussions on the latest trends, policies and regulations, technology innovation and other hot topics in the labor protection products industry, providing more industry insights and business opportunities for exhibitors and buyers.

As an enterprise focusing on the field of labor protection, Junye Plastics is looking forward to displaying its latest research and development of protective products at the China Labor Protection Products Fair, and communicating and cooperating with colleagues in the industry to promote the development and progress of the industry. Welcome people from all walks of life to visit Juan Ye plastic booth and discuss cooperation opportunities together!

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