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What material is tpu made of

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tpu (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a special type of polyurethane material, usually consisting of the following main materials:

Polyether or polyester Polyol: It is the main component of TPU, usually synthesized by polymerization reaction. Polyether or polyester polyols determine the hardness, strength and durability of the TPU.

Isodiisocyanate (Isocyanate) : It is the other key raw material that reacts with polyethers or polyester polyols to produce Tpus. Heterodiisocyanates react with polyols to form a closed polymer structure that gives TPU its unique thermoplastic properties.

Chain Extender: It is an additive used to regulate the hardness and properties of Tpus. Chain extenders are typically low molecular weight compounds that can react with polyether or polyester polyols and heterodiisocyanates during TPU synthesis to alter the molecular structure and properties of the TPU.

Auxiliary additives: Tpus can also contain auxiliary additives such as flame retardants, antioxidants, stabilizers, etc., which are used to improve the performance and durability of Tpus.

It should be noted that different manufacturers and manufacturing processes may use different formulations and proportions to produce Tpus, resulting in different properties and uses of tpu materials.

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