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The benefits of airbag squeeze massage for the human body

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Balloon squeeze massage is a type of massage that periodically squeezes and releases through an air bag, commonly used in massage chairs, massage tables, handheld massagers and other devices. This type of massage has the following possible benefits to the human body at a certain intensity and frequency:

Relax muscles and relieve muscle fatigue: Airbag squeeze massage can relieve muscle tension and fatigue by periodically squeezing and releasing muscles. This helps relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and fatigue and promotes muscle recovery and relaxation.

Promote circulation and lymphatic detoxification: Balloon squeeze massage can promote circulation and lymphatic detoxification by increasing the flow of blood and lymph fluid through the process of squeezing and releasing. This helps to increase the body's metabolism, promote the elimination of waste products and toxins, and contribute to improving the body's health and immune function.

Relieve stress and anxiety: Airbag Squeeze massage can help relax the body and mind and relieve stress and anxiety by providing a comfortable massage experience. This helps improve mental health and promotes balance between body and mind.

Improved posture and body alignment: An airbag squeeze massage prompts the body to adjust posture and alignment during the massage process through the effects of squeeze and release. This helps improve poor posture habits, promotes good alignment of the body and reduces discomfort and pain in body parts.

It is important to note that different people may have different experiences and effects with airbag squeeze massage, and specific effects may vary from individual to individual. When using airbag extrusion massage equipment, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid excessive or inappropriate force and frequency.

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