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The difference between balloon massage and vibration massage

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air bag massage and vibration massage are two common massage methods, they have some differences in working principle, effect and use scenarios.

Working principle: Air bag massage mainly through the air bag inflating and deflating to achieve massage effect. The seat or cushion is equipped with a number of air bags, which are inflated and deflated by controlling the air bag, so that it can be pressed and relaxed in a specific area, so as to achieve the effect of massage. And vibration massage is through the built-in vibration device, vibration frequency and amplitude, transmitted to the muscles and tissues of the human body, produce massage effect.

Massage effect: Air bag massage mainly simulates the massage action of human hand by pressing and relaxing the air bag, which can produce massage techniques like massage, kneading and squeezing, which can promote blood circulation, relax muscles and relieve fatigue. And vibration massage is through vibration to stimulate the skin and muscles, produce vibration effect, can relax muscles, promote lymphatic circulation and blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and fatigue, help relax the body, relieve pressure.

Application scenario: Air bag massage is usually applied to seats, mattresses, bedside cushions and other home and office places, such as massage chairs, car seats, office chairs, etc. Air bag massage is mostly used in the back, waist, buttocks and other parts. And vibration massage is usually used in handheld massager, massage pillow, massage stick and other small portable massage tools, suitable for a variety of parts, such as neck, shoulder, back, waist, legs, etc.

Feeling and comfort: The pressure and relaxation feeling of air bag massage is obvious, which can simulate the massage action of human hand, giving people a feeling as if they are receiving professional massage. And vibration massage is mainly dependent on the stimulation of vibration, the feeling is relatively light, sometimes may feel strong vibration or discomfort.

Power consumption and noise: Air bag massage usually requires a large power consumption to control the charge and release of the air bag, so it may consume more power and may also produce a certain amount of noise. And vibration massager is usually less power consumption, and low noise, easy to use in different occasions.

It should be noted that different brands and models of airbag massage and vibration massage products may vary in technology and effect, and specific effects and comfort will vary depending on personal experience. When choosing and using massage products, you should choose them according to your personal needs and experience.

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