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The difference between balloon massage and vibration massage

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balloon massage and vibration massage are two different massage methods, the difference mainly lies in the way of applying force and effect.

air bag massage is usually a way to compress and massage the body by inflating and deflating the air inside the air bag, changing the shape and pressure of the air bag. This massage is suitable for soothing muscle soreness, promoting blood circulation, reducing muscle fatigue and other effects. Air bag massage is usually applied to massage chairs, mattresses, massage pads and other products. It can simulate traditional massage methods such as finger massage and kneading, giving people a sense of comfort and relaxation.

And vibration massage is to stimulate the muscles and nerves of the body through vibration, its main role is to stimulate and activate the deep muscles and nerves of the body, so as to improve body function, shape the body, reduce pain and other effects. Vibration massage is usually used in massage guns, vibration plates and other products, can quickly relax tense muscles, relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, while improving muscle strength and muscle metabolism.

To sum up, air bag massage and vibration massage are two different massage methods, each has its own scope of application and effect. When choosing massage products, consumers need to choose the most suitable massage methods and product types according to their own needs and physical conditions.

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