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tpu gas column and pvc gas column which material is good

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tpu gas column and PVC gas column are both commonly used gas filling materials, but they have some significant differences.

First, TPU materials are more resistant to wear and tear than PVC, with higher strength and durability. This makes the TPU gas column have better stability and life in long-term use, especially suitable for occasions that need to be filled and deflated frequently, such as sports equipment, outdoor supplies, etc.

Secondly, TPU material is more environmentally friendly and healthier than PVC. TPU air column does not contain toxic and harmful substances, odorless, will not cause pollution and harm to the human body and the environment, so it is more suitable for children, the elderly and other special groups of people.

Finally, TPU gas column processing and molding technology is more refined and efficient than PVC, can achieve more complex and fine gas column shape and structure design, improve the gas column filling efficiency and tightness, reduce the risk of leakage and deformation.

To sum up, compared with PVC gas column, TPU gas column has better durability, environmental protection, applicability and processing performance, so it is widely used in many fields, such as sports equipment, household goods, car seats and so on.

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