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Airbag instant inflation principle

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The principle of Airbag instant inflation is mainly using chemical reaction or electrical signal to trigger the Inflator, thus generating a large amount of gas to inflate the airbag.

Generally speaking, the airbag is equipped with an inflator inside, and when a collision or other dangerous situation occurs, the sensor on the vehicle will send a signal to the airbag control unit, and the control unit will send a signal to the inflator to trigger a chemical reaction or an electrical signal to produce a large amount of gas, and the gas will then enter the airbag inside through the gas pipe to fill the airbag quickly.

Specifically, the chemical reaction inflator generally contains chemical substances such as aluminum nitrate, potassium nitrate and sodium silicate. When the inflator is triggered by a signal, the chemicals begin to react and produce a large amount of gas, including a gas that is mainly composed of nitrogen and a small portion of carbon dioxide, which will quickly enter the airbag through the gas tube to fill the airbag, thus forming a stable and strong airbag to protect the driver and passengers.

It should be noted that the airbag inflation process is very rapid, generally only a few tens of milliseconds, so the airbag must be made of high-strength materials to withstand the huge impact of inflation and to protect the safety of the vehicle occupants.

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