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Are more airbags better in a massage chair?

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The size of the massager Airbag hoses will vary depending on the brand and model. Generally, the diameter size is between 5mm and 10mm, with the length depending on the specific needs, and the right size will generally be chosen according to the design and use requirements of the massager airbag. In addition, the airbag hose needs to be selected according to parameters such as material and hardness to ensure that it can withstand the expected pressure of use and that it is sufficiently abrasion resistant and durable.

In addition to the size and hardness of the material, the wall thickness of the airbag hose is one of the key factors affecting its performance. Generally speaking, the thinner the wall thickness, the softer the airbag hose, for situations where greater deformation and extension is required, while the thicker the wall thickness, the stiffer the airbag hose, for situations where higher pressure and support is required.

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In addition, when choosing an airbag hose, it is important to consider the way it is connected. Some massager airbag hoses may be connected by plummer connections, quick coupling connections, direct welding, etc. Different connection methods can also affect the effectiveness of their use and the choice of installation, and the appropriate connection method needs to be chosen according to the specific balloon hose size and massager design.

In short, choosing the right size of airbag hose and material hardness and other parameters can effectively improve the effectiveness and service life of the massager. Therefore, when purchasing and replacing airbag hoses, you need to choose carefully and follow the instructions strictly to ensure safe and reliable use.

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