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Is tpu material harmful to humans?

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tpu material (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer with excellent physical and mechanical properties and is widely used in sports shoes, watch straps, cables, Inflatable toys and other applications. TPU materials are currently used in Medical devices and extracorporeal circulation devices, but there is still some controversy about their safety for humans.

Firstly, TPU material is a polyurethane material, and contact with some dangerous chemicals such as phenol and xylene may cause a chemical reaction and release harmful gases. Therefore, products using TPU materials must comply with the standards and regulatory requirements of the relevant countries and regions, including but not limited to EU REACH regulations and US FDA standards.

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Secondly, although some studies have concluded that TPU materials are biocompatible and durable, some other studies have found that when TPU materials are used in high temperature or high pressure environments, they may produce harmful substances that pose a potential threat to human health. For example, styrene, the plasticiser in TPU materials, produces volatile organic compounds that can cause respiratory irritation and health problems.

In general, TPU materials can be safely used in areas such as medical devices provided they comply with relevant standards and regulations. However, as research into its effects on humans is still ongoing, manufacturers of products using TPU materials need to ensure that their products comply with the relevant safety standards and regulations.

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