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Tpu airbag holding pressure test specification

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tpu Airbags are a commonly used protection device to provide cushioning and protection in the event of an accident or collision. In order to ensure the quality and safety performance of TPU airbags, it is essential to carry out a holding pressure test. The following are some common TPU airbag pressure retention test specifications:

1. Pressure resistance test: In this test, the TPU airbag is placed into a closed container and the internal pressure is then gradually increased to assess its ability to withstand pressure. During the test the deformation of the airbag, the pressure change and the airbag rupture pressure and other indicators are recorded.

2、Abrasion resistance test: The TPU airbag is tested for abrasion resistance by using a friction device or simulating the friction under real use conditions. Test results include surface wear, wear time and wear resistance assessment.

3. Tear resistance test: TPU airbags are tested for tear strength and tear elongation using standard tear test methods. Test results include tear strength, tear elongation and tear pattern etc.

4、Climate resistance test: TPU airbags are subjected to extreme climatic conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity and other environments, for climate resistance test. The test results include dimensional changes, surface changes, physical properties and chemical properties of the airbag and other indicators.

5、Inflation and deflation performance test: test the inflation and deflation performance of TPU airbags, including the inflation time, deflation time, inflation and deflation pressure range and inflation and deflation stability and other indicators.

6、Safety performance test: TPU airbags are tested for safety performance, such as flame resistance test and chemical substance corrosion resistance test. The test results are used to evaluate the safety performance and durability of the airbag in specific environments.

These are some of the common TPU airbag pressure retention test specifications. These tests are designed to ensure that TPU airbags have good resistance to pressure, abrasion, tearing and weathering during use and that they meet the relevant safety standards and requirements. By carrying out comprehensive pressure-holding tests, the quality and reliability of TPU airbags can be improved, ensuring that they are effective in providing protection and safety in practical applications.

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