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What is tpu airbag made of

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tpu is a high-performance Airbag made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), a polymer material with excellent properties that combines the characteristics of rubber and plastic and is used in a wide range of applications including automotive, medical and sports equipment. The following is a detailed description of TPU airbag material:

Material structure: TPU is a linear polymer consisting of a polyester or polyether soft segment and a polyisocyanate hard segment. The ratio of soft to hard segments determines the hardness, elasticity and other physical properties of TPU.

Abrasion resistance: TPU materials have excellent abrasion resistance and are able to maintain good performance in high friction, high stress environments, reducing the risk of wear and damage.

Elasticity and toughness: TPU has good elasticity and toughness, allowing the airbag to recover quickly from impact or pressure, providing long-lasting protection and support.

Oil and chemical resistance: TPU has excellent oil and chemical resistance and is resistant to a wide range of oils, solvents and chemicals to maintain stable performance.

Environmentally friendly: TPU is an environmentally friendly polymer material that does not contain harmful substances, is degradable and meets environmental requirements.

Breathability: TPU has good breathability and can effectively discharge the air and moisture inside to keep dry and comfortable.

Lightness: TPU has a low density and is light in weight, making it easy to carry and install.

Ageing resistance: TPU has good ageing resistance and can maintain stable performance over a long period of time, extending its service life.

Customisability: TPU materials can be customised in different shapes, sizes and colours to meet the needs of various application scenarios.

Safety: TPU airbags can effectively disperse the force when subjected to impact or pressure, reducing the risk of damage to the stressed area and improving safety in use.

Energy efficiency: TPU has a low thermal conductivity, which reduces heat loss and reduces energy consumption.

In summary, TPU airbags are a high performance airbag made from thermoplastic polyurethane with a variety of advantages such as abrasion resistance, elasticity, oil resistance, environmental protection, breathability, lightness, ageing resistance, customisation, safety and energy efficiency. These characteristics make TPU airbags have a wide range of application prospects in many fields.

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