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High-tech thermoregulation: the TPU water circulation blanket that turns traditional heating methods on their head

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In the cold winter months, it is everyone's wish to find a high-tech thermoregulation device to enjoy comfortable warmth. Now we present to you a high-tech product that turns traditional heating methods upside down - the tpu water circulation variable temperature blanket for a whole new heating experience!

This TPU Water Circulation Variable Temperature Blanket uses advanced technology and materials to meet your need for warmth. The core of the blanket is made from high quality TPU material, which offers outstanding softness and durability to ensure long lasting use.

In contrast to traditional heating blankets, the TPU water circulation variable temperature blanket uses an innovative water circulation system. Through a built-in water pump and hose, warm water is circulated into the interior of the blanket and then distributed evenly over the entire surface of the blanket through a special heat dissipation structure and temperature control technology.

This unique water circulation system allows for precise temperature regulation of the TPU water circulation variable temperature blanket. You can adjust the temperature of the blanket via a simple operating control panel or Smartphone app to meet your individual needs for warmth.

In addition to this, the TPU Water Circulation Blanket has a user-friendly design. It is made from a soft and comfortable fabric material that is soft to the touch, allowing you to enjoy the warmth while feeling comfortable to the touch. The blanket also comes with a safety and waterproof feature to ensure your safety.

The TPU water circulation variable temperature blanket is not only suitable for home use but is also ideal for a variety of scenarios such as office workplaces, vehicle seating and travel. It provides a comfortable temperature whether you are warming up indoors during the cold winter months or need warm company during outdoor activities.

The TPU water circulation variable temperature blanket offers many advantages over traditional heating methods. It provides an even, comfortable temperature distribution and avoids the uneven temperature and overheating problems associated with traditional electric blankets. The use of TPU material also ensures the durability and safety of the product.

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