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Which areas use cooling vests

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The cooling vest is an innovative cooling product with a wide range of applications to provide comfort and coolness to different industries and scenarios. Here are a few examples of common areas where cooling Waistcoats can be used:

1. Indoor offices: In hot summer weather, the air conditioning in the office may not be able to meet everyone's needs. A cooling vest can be a lifesaver for indoor office workers, providing a comfortable office environment by reducing the surface temperature of the body.

2. Outdoor work: Many industries, such as construction workers, traffic police and farmers, need to work in hot environments. A cooling vest can effectively reduce the body temperature, alleviate the discomfort caused by the heat and improve work efficiency and comfort.

3、Sports and fitness: In the process of outdoor sports or fitness, the body is prone to generate a lot of heat due to strenuous movements. A cooling vest can help the body to dissipate heat quickly, reduce the evaporation of sweat, keep the body temperature appropriate and improve the comfort and effect of sports.

4、Travel and holiday: Whether it's an outdoor adventure or a beach holiday, hot weather can often make people feel uncomfortable. A cooling waistcoat can be a good companion for travellers, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable during your journey and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

5、Long distance driving: During long distance driving, the temperature inside the car may rise, causing discomfort and fatigue to the driver. A cooling waistcoat can provide a comfortable driving experience by reducing the driver's body temperature to stay awake and focused.

6. Medical care: In some medical care scenarios, patients may need to keep their body temperature stable or lower it to meet specific treatment needs. A cooling waistcoat can be used in these scenarios to provide temperature control and comfort to provide a better care experience for the patient.

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