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Air bag design (Wearable air bag)

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With the continuous development of science and technology, anti-fall clothing air bag, as an innovative design, has become an important equipment to protect people's safety. It combines Airbag technology and smart sensing systems to quickly inflate in the event of a fall, creating a protective layer that effectively slows the force of a collision and reduces the risk of injury. Understanding the design principles and advantages of anti-fall clothing airbags will provide a full range of protection for your safety.

1, intelligent induction system

The design of the air bag is based on an intelligent sensing system, which monitors body posture and motion status in real time through devices such as acceleration sensors and gyroscopes. When a fall or sudden loss of balance is sensed, the system sends a signal that triggers the Inflator of the air bag. This intelligent sensing system ensures that the fall suit air bag can respond quickly at critical times to provide you with timely protection.

2, rapid inflation technology

The anti-fall suit air bag adopts advanced rapid inflation technology. When the fall signal is detected, the inflator will quickly inflate the air bag to form a stable protective layer. This fast-inflating design provides effective protection for the body in a short period of time, slowing the force of collisions and reducing the risk of injury. The inflated airbag maintains a stable shape, ensuring continuous protection.

3, soft and comfortable air bag material

The air bag of the anti-fall suit uses soft and comfortable air bag materials to ensure the wearer's comfort in the inflated state. Airbag materials are usually made of soft, highly elastic polymers with good toughness and compressive properties. This material effectively absorbs and disperses collision forces, reducing impact on the body while maintaining the wearer's comfort.

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