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Can't tpu be used as air bag

Release time:2023-06-30 18:37viewed:timesAuthor:Junye plastics

tpu can be used to make air bags, and in fact, TPU materials are very common in the field of air bag manufacturing. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) has many advantages that make it an ideal material for making air bags.

1, TPU has good softness and elasticity, can provide comfortable support and massage effect. It can be customized according to the curve and shape of the body to suit the needs of different parts.

2, TPU has excellent wear resistance and durability, can withstand the test of long-term use and frequent charging and venting. It has high durability and is able to maintain stable performance and reliable quality.

3, TPU material also has good chemical resistance and temperature resistance, can resist some common chemical corrosion and high temperature environment, increase the service life and reliability of the air bag.

4, the most important is that TPU materials meet international safety standards, non-toxic and harmless, no side effects on human health. After strict quality control and testing, TPU airbags ensure the safety and health of users.

5, TPU is the ideal choice for making air bags, with comfort, durability, chemical resistance and safety and other advantages. If you are looking for high-quality airbags, TPU materials are a reliable option.

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