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tpu material airbag repair glue (glue for repairing airbags)

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1, efficient repair: tpu material airbag leakage sealant can quickly and effectively repair the air leakage problem of the airbag. Its special material and formula can quickly fill the hole of the air bag, restore the normal function of the air bag, and avoid the inconvenience and safety hazards caused by air leakage.

2, reliable protection: TPU material airbag leak repair adhesive provides reliable protection to ensure that the repaired airbag can work stably for a long time. It has excellent wear resistance and weather resistance, which can resist friction and environmental factors in daily use and extend the service life of the air bag.

3, easy to use: TPU material airbag repair glue is simple to use, no professional skills, ordinary users can also easily operate. Simply apply the sealant to the leak and wait for a period of time for it to cure to complete the repair process. Easy to use, save time and effort.

4, multi-functional application: TPU material airbag leak repair adhesive is suitable for various types of airbags, including cervical spine airbag, lumbar airbag, hand airbag and so on. Whether it is home care equipment or massage equipment for commercial applications, it can be used to repair the leak and solve the problem of air leakage.

5, economical: TPU material airbag leak repair provides an economical solution to avoid the cost of replacing the entire airbag. Repairing the air leakage problem can not only extend the service life of the air bag, but also save maintenance costs and improve the economic benefits of the equipment.

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