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TPU is rubber or plastic (which is better, tpu material or rubber)

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tpu is rubber or plastic (tpu material and rubber which is good) question do you understand, this site through big data collected TPU is rubber or plastic related answers, I hope to help you.

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), as a special material, often makes people wonder, is it rubber or plastic? This article will give you a detailed analysis of the properties and applications of TPU to help you have a clearer understanding of this material.

1, the nature and characteristics of TPU:

TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane with the following main properties and characteristics:

Elasticity and wear resistance: TPU has excellent elasticity and wear resistance, similar to rubber, and can withstand long periods of use and friction without losing elasticity.

Plasticity and machinability: Unlike general rubber, TPU has good plasticity and machinability, and can be molded into products of different shapes by thermoplastic processing, such as sheets, films, pipes, etc.

Oil resistance and solvent resistance: TPU has good oil resistance and solvent resistance, and can maintain its physical and mechanical properties when in contact with oils and solvents, and is not easy to expand or deform.

Heat resistance and cold resistance: TPU has good heat resistance and cold resistance in a certain temperature range, and can maintain stable performance in high and low temperature environments.

Good flexibility: TPU has good flexibility and bendability, which is suitable for applications where soft materials are required.

2, TPU application field:

Due to its unique properties, TPU is widely used in the following fields:

Footwear and clothing: TPU as a sole material has good wear resistance and elasticity, often used in sports shoes, outdoor shoes and so on. TPU film can be used as a waterproof and breathable layer for clothing.

TPU is rubber or plastic (tpu material and rubber which is good) relevant information is introduced here, TPU is rubber or plastic problem hope to help you.

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