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Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Beihang University (Beihang University for short), located in Beijing, capital of China, is a national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, PRC and a university under the direct administration of the Central GovernMent. [94] Beihang University is one of the national "double First-class", "Project 985" and "Project 211" key construction universities. He has been selected in the Qomolangma Plan, 2011 Plan, 111 Plan, Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan, National Public Graduate Program for Building high-level universities, host colleges for international students with Chinese Government Scholarship, National New engineering research and practice Project, National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Plan for College Students, National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Experiment Plan for College students, and National reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education The demonstration university and the pilot university of the Strong Base Plan are members of the International Astronautical Federation, Sino-European Elite University Alliance, China-Spain University Alliance, China-Russia Engineering University Alliance, Chinese University Planetary Science Alliance, China Association for Artificial Intelligence Education, National Higher Military Colleges Curriculum Ideological and Political Alliance, and W3C.

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